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Resin and Wood Workshop at McKenzie Creek

Scenes from the first Resin & Wood workshop at McKenzie Creek. I was chuffed that the participants made time and took long journeys to join Penny and I for some personalised training.  Some very happy chappies spent two days turning and resining. I too had a most enjoyable time.

Here are some of the comments from the participants:

Brendan you are a very accomplished teacher who has for many years studied and taught Woodwork, Graphic Arts and Photography. In the Resin’n Wood course you combined all of these disciplines together with the passion you have for form, function and finish and your practical teaching techniques to really make this course a stand out. Your mastery and love of woodturning together with your enthusiasm to experiment has encouraged me to explore and experiment with new techniques and materials going forward. From my perspective this course was an excellent investment as I received more than I expected in a well-structured learning setting over the two days.

As I have just got back into my turning after a 30 year gap, I thought it would pay me to under take a course to save lost money in timber and resin and learn the correct techniques from a professional turner. And I must say straight up, I could not be happier with the result, as I traveled from Newcastle to Horsham to go, I was wanting to get a lot out of it to ensure I got my money’s worth. Well worth every cent is the short answer, as the resin work ends up just a small part of the learnings gained, everything from sharpening, tool use, speed, sanding, casting, vacuum systems, pressure systems, finishing timber selection is all discussed and explained in detail by Brendan. Each student felt completely able to ask any question along the way, which was explained to all so we all gained the benefit from the years of experience Brendan can impart.

We travelled 1073 kms from Pt Lincoln, on the Southern Part of Eyre peninsula to Horsham, to attend a wood and resin workshop with Brendan and Penny Stemp.  We enjoyed the trip and the scenery, and also enjoyed the two day workshop that Brendan had organised and it went to schedule and perfection. No matter how many questions I asked ( and there were many), Brendan answered, explained, and helped and advised me in every way. As I have not turned a lot of bowls, the help and advice, and standing over me, to correct me , was great. I have never had instructions on wood turning,only learning from utube, which I think is fantastic, and my thanks go to all the people who put these videos free of charge, for us all to learn,(including Brendan).

Check out the photos below.  If you’d like to sign up for the next workshop, which is mooted for August/September, jump onto my contact page and put your name down now.

Please add the title of your work, a brief caption, and your name.

Title: Oak bowl
Description/caption: Mike Jones’ oak bowl
Author: Mike Jones