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Before and After Practically Natural

In between making videos about wood turning, I make a lot of bowls and grinders, largely using resin and gumnuts. Occasionally, I like to see how far I can take this technique.

I love doing this type of work:  I take what, otherwise, would’ve been destined for firewood (for instance, an old buloke fencepost), after nature has enhanced it over many years (the lichen is beautiful) and make it into something that can be used every day and admired (hopefully).

These are tall grinders that really do make a statement.

These pieces were part of my recent exhibition, Practically Natural.  They’re part of a longstanding idea I subscribe to, of using the materials we find all around us (perhaps writing them off as waste) to create functional, beautiful pieces.

Here’s another example of using resin to suspend nature for turning:

It’s when you start combing elements that things get really exciting.


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Title: Oak bowl
Description/caption: Mike Jones’ oak bowl
Author: Mike Jones