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Workshops at Handsome and Co

I‘ve recently started doing workshops at handsome and Co, a Melbourne-based woodwork school that’s rekindling interest in crafts for a whole new generation. If you have little to no experience with woodturning, these classes are a great starting point.


We can even accommodate those with a little more experience but need some extra tips. The last ones, which are shown in the gallery below (images courtesy of Handsome and Co), were very successful and this year’s options should be even better. See this link for all details.

To find out which ones I’m teaching, check my profile on the staff page.  Don’t be shy about contacting me if you’d like to know more about whether the course would be right for you.

Hope to see you there!

Please add the title of your work, a brief caption, and your name.

Title: Oak bowl
Description/caption: Mike Jones’ oak bowl
Author: Mike Jones