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The Ultimate Guide to Making a Grinder

I‘ve made hundreds of Grinders using the Crushgrind mechanism.  It’s taken me years and years to perfect my techniques, and in the You Turn spirit of sharing, I’ve decided to show one being turned from start to finish. Why? Because your grinder will make an outstanding gift, is capable of being used daily for years and years, and can be a great expression of your own wood turning ideas. Read more

Multi-axis Turning: The Making of Kilkea

The name Kilkea is taken from the hometown of Ernest Shackleton, an Anglo-Irish explorer. I have used references to Antarctic explorers before to name some of my other pieces; it is a connection to an interest of mine. Shackleton’s story is well worth reading.  It is also the name I gave to one of my most challenging pieces of multi-axis turning.   In this article, which I wrote for American Woodturner, I describe the stages I went through to create an award-winning piece. Read more

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Title: Oak bowl
Description/caption: Mike Jones’ oak bowl
Author: Mike Jones