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My 10 Most Popular You Turn Wood Turning Videos

2014 was the first year I started making videos under the “You Turn” name.  Prior to that, I ran a You Tube channel under my own name for a number of years.  Along the way, I’ve published around 60 videos about my wood turning.

As my You Tube subscriber count grows towards 10,000, it’s a good time to reflect on which videos are proving the most popular. Here’s a list of the 10 most popular videos from my You Tube channel.

With a couple of notable exceptions, it seems that videos made in the last 2 years are the most popular ones, as I learn more about the production process (more about that below) and get a feel for my audience. I’ve left out my intro video, as it plays automatically.

Enjoy!  And if you want more videos made, do please consider making a donation to You Turn. It helps me to put the time aside and invest in the equipment needed to make these videos worthy of your attention.


1.  Gumnut Ball (also known as Resin and Wood Part 3)

Published March 24 2014

This video proved massively popular. Moving my trademark resin technique away from its usual end point of grinders and bowls, I use the Vermec Sphere Cutter to make a resin and gumnut ball.


2. The Skew Made Easy

Published July 2013

The long awaited video on how to use the skew chisel.


3. Resin and Wood – The Basics Episode 1

Published Jan 21 2014

A look at using epoxy resin with woodturning. This episode looks at the basics of what type of resin to use, how to mix it and prevent the bubbles. Grab your notebook and a coffee – it’s quite detailed. But there are loads of helpful tips that may save you from wasting batches.


4. Sharpening Wood Turning Tools Freehand

Published Dec 22 2013

Using 5 simple tips I show how to master sharpening wood turning tools freehand, without the use of any jigs.


5. Wood Turning Chattering Techniques

Published Feb 15 2011

The Sleeper Award goes to this one! This video explores several simple effective chattering techniques with purchased and home made tools.


The runners-up:

6. The Skew Part 2 (Published July 25 2013)
7. Resin and Timber Offcuts Bowl (Published June 28 2013)
8. Drilling Deep Holes on the Lathe (Published Jan 9 2013)
9. Wood Turning Lacquering and Finishing (Published Feb 15 2011)
10. Resin and Wood Episode 2 (Gumnut Pendant) (Published Feb 26 2014)


Honourable Mentions

These videos were published very recently, so they haven’t had time to hit the top ten – but they’re heading that way!


What do you think?  Were there any others that you particularly liked?


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